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What is International Edition?

International Edition is widely used in UK, Europe and Asia. Publishers create different versions of the same product for different locations. Distributors overseas then re-sell the titles to customers in other parts of the world at a much lower price. International edition textbooks save students an average of 50% over the prices offered at their college bookstores. 

Key differences between US edition and International Edition

  • Same content
  • Same authors
  • Same publisher
  • Same edition
  • Different cover design
  • Different format: Soft cover
  • Different ISBN
  • Different end of chapter exercises (rarely)

Is it legal to buy and use International Edition?

Yes! Textbook publishers would love to have people think otherwise, but courts have time and again asserted your right to purchase international editions. In fact, the 2013 Supreme Court decision of Kirtsaeng vs. John Wiley & Sons put this matter to rest, ruling that International Edition textbooks may be sold and purchased within the U.S. It also upheld the right of anyone to sell used international edition textbooks, which means that college students can resell their international edition textbooks when the semester is over!


How to submit a return request

Log into your account, under My Account > Order > Submit Return Request

When must I submit a return request

Within 30 days from date of delivery

Do I get full refund

Yes, when we receive the book back in its original condition, we will issue full refund within 1 - 2 business days

Where should i return the book

Once your return request is approved, you will receive an email containing the return intruction

Who is responsible for the return shipping fee

Customers are responsible for the return shipping fee 


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